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150 ton "O-I" Super Heavy Tank

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Plastic kit for a Japanese 150 ton super heavy tank O-I
  • 1:35 scale
  • Photo-etched and clear parts included
  • 4 metal gun barrels included
  • Hatches can be built open or closed
  • 4 marking variants
  • moving drive and single link tracks
  • including figure
  • unbuilt/unpainted
  • Paint and glue not included
The O-I (O stands for "big", I stands for 1) was a planned super-heavy tank of the Japanese Empire during World War II. It was to be a multi-turret tank with a 360° rotating main turret carrying either a Type 96 15cm howitzer or a Type 92 10cm cannon, two forward-firing smaller turrets each with Type 1 47mm anti-tank guns, and a rear-firing machine gun turret with two Type 97 7.7mm machine guns. Frontal armor should be 75mm, reinforced by another 75mm of armor plate. Its dimensions: 10 meters long, 4 meters high and 4.2 meters wide. A crew of 11 would have been needed to operate it. With two 550 hp engines he would have reached a speed of 25 km/h. The uncompleted prototype was tested in 1943, but as the suspension was damaged the project was abandoned and the prototype scrapped. Today only 1 track link of this monster is left, which is said to be in Camp Takigahara.
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