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Leopard 2 A7V

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Appears soon
We expect to arrive at middle / end of March 2024
Expected to appear middle / end of March 2024
Plastic model kit for a Leopard 2 A7V, the newest Leopard in service with the Bundeswehr
  • Scale 1:35
  • workable track links and drive
  • Crew hatches can be displayed open/closed
  • PE parts and metal ropes included
  • ONLY in the first edition: metal tube for the 120mm L/55
  • unbuilt / unpainted
  • Paint and glue not included
The Leopard 2 is the Bundeswehr's current main battle tank.
With its 1500 HP engine, the 120mm smoothbore cannon, and the excellent armor protection, it is state of the art.
Thanks to its innovative electronics and excellent optics, it is one of the best battle tanks in the world.

The latest version - the A7V - is characterized by an improved reversing camera that makes everything visible even in poor visibility and darkness. The gunner and commander received 3rd generation sights. The ice cleats are now carried at the rear of the turret. With the improved barrel, more modern ammunition can be fired, increasing the range up to 5,000 meters. Digitalized electronics enable connection to the BMS (Battle Management System) for improved information exchange between the troops. Air conditioning increases the stamina of the crew. Additional armor on the front armour improves protection against armor-piercing ammunition. The higher weight necessitated a reinforced transmission and changes to the drive train. The top speed for the 63.9 ton Leopard 2 A7V is stated to be 63 km/h.
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