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Plastic model kit of british naval based rockets

GWS-30 Sea Dart & GWS-25 Sea Wolf
Royal Navy Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) Guided Weapon Systems (GWS) combat-tested in the Falklands War in 1982.

GWS-30 twin-arm launcher & Sea Dart SAM, fitted to guided missile destroyers Type 82 (1, HMS Bristol) and Sheffield Class Type 42 (14), and Invincible Class aircraft carriers (3). Operational 1973-2012.

GWS-25 sextuple launcher & Sea Wolf SAM, fitted to Type 22 frigates (14) and Leander Class 12I frigates (5). Operational 1979-2011.

Kit includes:
GWS-30 launcher with base and 2 Sea Dart missiles.
GWS-25 launcher with base and 6 Sea Wolf missiles.
Photo-etch parts.
Guns elevate and traverse. Choice of 4 markings.

- scale 1:35

- unbuilt / unpainted

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