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Leopard 2A6 Ukraine - LIMITIERT

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The Leopard 2 was developed in West Germany in the 1970s and became the main battle tank of the German Bundeswehr.
In the 2 A6 version, its offensive and defensive capabilities were significantly improved.
The wedge-shaped additional turret armour and the commander's panoramic visor equipped with a thermal imaging device were carried over from the previous A5, and the 120mm smoothbore gun was lengthened to 55 calibre.
Muzzle velocity and armour penetration were significantly improved by increasing the barrel length to more than 1 metre.
The A6 version (in use since 2001) has already proven its worth through its deployment in Greece and Canada.

In January 2023, the German government announced the provision of 18 Leopard A6s to support the Ukrainian army against the invasion of the Russian army.

Plastic model kit for a Leopard in the A6 version

  • Realistic representation of the armour elements on the turret
  • Vinyl tracks
  • Decals for the armed forces of the Ukraine

Scale 1:35

  • Length: 314 mm
  • width: 107 mm

unbuilt / unpainted

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