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Supermarine Type 300 Spitfire Mk. Ia (Mid Prod.)

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Appears soon
We expect to arrive at middle / end of April 2023
Expected to appear middle / end of April 2023
Plastic Kit for a Supermarine Type 300 Spitfire Mk. Ia (Mid Production)
   100% new molds    -    new manufacturer KOTARE Models in our program  
  • 1:32 scale
  • Dimensions (built): 35 cm wingspan
  • Cartograph Decals for 3 marking options
  • 117 parts
  • Optional DeHavilland and Rotol propellers
  • Optional TR.9D and TR.1133 wireless controllers and antennas
  • Optional pilot seats with and without Sutton Type K harness details
  • Optional open and closed cockpit doors
  • Optional open and closed hood & canopy
  • 28-page fully illustrated instruction manual
  • Details on retracting the landing gear with hand pump and wheel housing jack
  • Wheels with weighted tires with correct alignment
  • not built/not painted
  • Paint and glue not included
The legendary Supermarine Type 300 “Spitfire” is undoubtedly one of the most famous, and perhaps the most beautiful, aircraft of all time. Designed from 1934 under the guidance of Supermarine Aviation Works’ chief designer Reginald Mitchell, Joseph Smith and “Alf” Faddy, the 990hp Rolls-Royce Merlin “C” powered prototype first flew on 5 March 1936. It was immediately obvious that it was something very special and an initial production order was placed in early June 1936 for 310 aircraft. Numerous delays at Supermarine and many of the approximately 150 sub-contractors ensured that the first production Spitfire was not completed until mid-May 1938 and the final aircraft from the order was only delivered in September 1939.

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