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KF51 Panther 4th Generation MBT

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Injection molding kit for building the brand new demonstrator KF51 for the future generation of main battle tanks

The KF51 Panther is based on the Leopard 2 hull and designed for a regular crew of 3 soldiers. A fourth slot can be occupied by a weapons or systems specialist.
The armament consists of the 130mm/L52 smoothbore gun with an ammunition supply of 20 rounds in an autoloader and another 10 rounds in the hull.
A 12.7mm caliber machine gun is used as coaxial armament. In addition, the KF51 has the remote-controlled weapon station "Natter" in caliber 7.62mm, which is installed in the rear of the turret.
Armor consists of passive, reactive and active armor elements. The Top Attack Protection System is used to ward off attacks from above. In addition, the Panther has the Rosy_L smoke protection system and the distance-active protection system "StrikeShield".

The KF51 is a system demonstrator for the next generation of main battle tanks, which was presented to the public at Eurosatory in June 2022

The kit features:
  • Workable single track links
  • PE parts
  • 3D printed parts
  • movable RWS
  • Loitering missiles
  • scale 1:35
  • not built/not painted
  • paint and glue not included
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